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Real Estate

Whether you are a business owner that wants to build equity by purchasing the building you are operating in or a real estate investor with significant appreciation in your real estate investment I can assist you with the pro forma on whether or not to buy your building as well as guide you through the difficult issues associated with a section 1031 exchange.

Owner occupied commercial buildings are a great way for a business owner to build equity by paying themselves rent instead of the landlord. Whether you are considering purchasing your current leased building or new construction we will assist you in the decision making process with a comprehensive pro forma so you can see how it will affect both your operating business and your real estate LLC including cash flow analysis on the debt service. Done successfully you can outright own your building in 10-15 years dramatically increasing your personal wealth.

Taxes guide many decisions for business owners and investors and if you own a commercial building or rental property with significant appreciation depreciation recapture and capital gains income will take a large portion of your proceeds upon sale of your property. This can all be avoided if you are looking to replace that property with another BUT you have to carefully maneuver through the very complex section 1031 tax free exchange process. Although the exchange concept is simple the technical pitfalls make the process very complex and a minor error or omission can collapse the tax free exchange causing you significant taxes and penalties. We can guide you through this complex process successfully saving your considerable taxes. Contact us BEFORE considering this process as significant planning and calculations need to be done before the process can be started for a successful tax-free exchange.

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